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How does the high speed door work in conjunction with the AGV?

There are more and more companies installing fast doors. It is precisely because of the characteristics of continuous upgrading that it stands out among many industrial door products. The high speed door is more in line with the development trend of the intelligent era. For example, the unmanned intelligent factory workshop needs to work in conjunction with the AGV. The traditional workshop door cannot meet this condition at all, but the fast door can. The following will explain how the fast door realizes the linkage of AGV.


Three AGV linkage working methods for high speed door

  1. Fast door AGV linkage work I/O hard wiring method: It is necessary to convert the docking signal between the fast door and the AGV central control cabinet through relays, and each door has 6 relays, and put the I/O signal in the AGV trolley central control cabinet or Inside the remote I/O compartment.

  2. Ethernet communication method: It is necessary to integrate the fast door signals and communicate with the central control of the AGV car through Ethernet.

  3. The method of transmitting and receiving signals: the AGV is equipped with a transmitting device, the fast door is equipped with a receiving device, the AGV transmits the signal, and the door receives the signal.


The above are the three AGV linkage working methods of the high speed door. Whether it can be realized mainly depends on the intelligence of the fast door control box. Some non-intelligent control boxes cannot achieve linkage work, so you should ask clearly when choosing. If the actual situation cannot be linked according to the above method, you can contact SEPPES for consultation.

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